Thursday, October 13, 2016

Fiber lake boat outriggers

We made fiber outrigger for lake boat . So lake fisherman can buy that cheeper. 

Fabric plant and make toys training

Miridiya women groups did  fabric plant and toys training . They hope extra income after this . We fine market for that  

Miridiya children outing

Miridiya children outing . 

Elephant & human conflict research in polonnaruwa district

Elephant & human conflict . Polonnaruwa       District  people has this problem . We try to collect data .   We have organize them and try to fine solution . 

Exposer progame with Horana rabar states youth

Miridiya youth members and Horana rabar states youth members were doing exposer program  at polonnaruwa . Then they shared cltheral and experience 

Miridiya org did signature campaign about the Panama land grabbing .miridiya youth members were doing that for help to the panama people, with NAFSO .