Thursday, October 13, 2016

Fiber lake boat outriggers

We made fiber outrigger for lake boat . So lake fisherman can buy that cheeper. 

Fabric plant and make toys training

Miridiya women groups did  fabric plant and toys training . They hope extra income after this . We fine market for that  

Miridiya children outing

Miridiya children outing . 

Elephant & human conflict research in polonnaruwa district

Elephant & human conflict . Polonnaruwa       District  people has this problem . We try to collect data .   We have organize them and try to fine solution . 

Exposer progame with Horana rabar states youth

Miridiya youth members and Horana rabar states youth members were doing exposer program  at polonnaruwa . Then they shared cltheral and experience 

Miridiya org did signature campaign about the Panama land grabbing .miridiya youth members were doing that for help to the panama people, with NAFSO .

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Youth Leadership and Life awareness program

Leadership and life awareness program conducted for  the youth group from Polonnaruwa fisher and farmer communities for 3 days from August 21st,  in Piliyandala, Subodi Youth training center.

Youth selected from low-income families of farming and inland fishing communities of Polonnaruwa district. 70 young members participated in the program.

Participants came from different culture groups including Buddhist, Muslims, and Catholics.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Avernes programe with alders

 The avernes programe . We did the same programe with five villages . How we manage our teen ages children , how we can understand them , what are the problems and  dificaltis   Who they faced , what we discussed with them .  

Children activities

 Children trip to see Trincomale .  We hope give some advance things about our culture, environment , and natural resource for them,      

Alders meeting at Miridiya office hall

 We held district alder meeting who atend small group members , therefor we discussed   Our year plane and work . 

Children program

  We did two days children camp in Miridiya office hall . Then we did exhibition and they presented talent 

Kirimatidhamana teem Calibrated 6 th year calibration

  The teem calibrated 6 th anniversary with teem members