Thursday, March 3, 2016

Avernes programe with alders

 The avernes programe . We did the same programe with five villages . How we manage our teen ages children , how we can understand them , what are the problems and  dificaltis   Who they faced , what we discussed with them .  

Children activities

 Children trip to see Trincomale .  We hope give some advance things about our culture, environment , and natural resource for them,      

Alders meeting at Miridiya office hall

 We held district alder meeting who atend small group members , therefor we discussed   Our year plane and work . 

Children program

  We did two days children camp in Miridiya office hall . Then we did exhibition and they presented talent 

Kirimatidhamana teem Calibrated 6 th year calibration

  The teem calibrated 6 th anniversary with teem members