Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Chicken and gots rearing

MIridiya start First step Project , and give some income generation for the our members ,Really It was first step the long  journey. do you like to come with us .    


youth and children monthly meeeting

Miridiya org , WE try to build future  of your world  , you ?  


New House for young couple

If you like to join with Miridiya , we can do more things for the people with out noise  ,   
hands to hand 


At the tme with Corona

during the corona , it was hard time to us . we were locked . stay at home . so Miridiya care of people at our maximum  . Miridiya   vision and works same .   


Miridiya Organic Training center

 We start , with our youth  build Organic training center in Kalahogal ,Polnnaruwe , 2020/04/02 . So good healthy food for our members and stay with  beautiful Nature  with relax